Purely because it is!, It’s my size so why worry about what anyone else thinks of it? It’s not theirs, it’s MINE.

Who would of thought that it would take two kids in two years and the complete destruction of my body to finally be able to accept my physical appearance.

Spending years letting my weight rule my life, hiding, while comfort eating because I was miserable and slowly getting bigger and bigger, wearing baggy clothing trying to hide the rolls.

Not anymore! I don’t think I’ve ever been as body confident as I am now! Ive got rolls upon rolls, I got more stripes than a zebra! And I have finally learnt to OWN IT!

Don’t get me wrong, I still have those days where I can’t stand it, but that usually coincides with the days I hate everyone and everything….. ladies, you know those days! lol

I’ve decided I’m not dieting…….ever again!

Instead, I’m making a lifestyle change! I’m just eating a bit healthier, getting off my arse and moving some more! Trying to set a good example for my children. BUT, If I want a stuffed crust dominos pizza with extra cheese you best believe I’m gonna have it! Nom nom nom!

So I decided to start my little blog. Just to get things said that need to be said, the good days and the bad!

My name is Charlotte and My size is MINE! Xx

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