YOINS Collaboration




YOINS is an online clothing brand founded in London in 2014 with the mission to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through quality on-trend fashion at affordable prices.

If you look at their website, the range is so vast and diverse there really is something for everyone and I am pleased to say that this includes the plus size range with over 1300 items in various styles.

My favourite feature on the YOINS website, aside from the clothes themselves, is the sizing, each size shows the measurements for that item. So if you know your measurements you can adjust the sizing accordingly which is perfect for someone like me with a large bust!


This eliminates the age old worry of “will it fit?” because lets be honest its one of the major reasons a lot of us are put off from ordering clothes online especially from lesser known brands and even some of the major ones. At YOINS you know its going to fit when you order it, in theory this must reduce the number of returns and increase sales so I don’t understand why other online retailers don’t do the same, it would certainly make us feel more secure in our purchases.

Given the time of year and my pension for all things “comfy” I specifically chose jumpers and jumper dresses. I was not disappointed.

The pink knitted jumper is well made. No snags, oversized as described (because nothing bugs me more that “oversized” jumpers that blatantly aren’t “oversized” *insert eye roll here*) and very comfortable to wear, it also pairs perfectly with jeans and pumps or trainers for a comfy casual look.

The two tone grey hooded jumper is ridiculously soft, warm and washes really well although my family feel that they are well within their rights to stroke me while i’m wearing it, so be warned if you aren’t comfortable being stroke by your relatives you may want to avoid this one!

The black and read sweater dress, again is comfy although it was a tad short on the body for me, no way i could bend over in that one without flashing unsuspecting passers by! I was so preoccupied making sure it fit “the girls” I forgot about my long body! Also i am aware that down to my poor styling skills there are some serious star trek vibes in the photo, but hey, I like it! and there is no reason it cant be warn with jeans and boots.

My favourite though has to be the pink teddy jacket! I have previously avoided Teddy coats in the past due to them tending to be rather thick and bulky and in turn making me feel enormous, but i’ m glad i took the risk! this jacket is not as thick as first expected so it alleviates the bulky feeling but its roomy enough inside that a few layers can be warn underneath if necessary.

Overall I have been so happy with each item, all well made, fitted and washed well all at affordable prices! it is certainly somewhere i will be shopping from in the future. I have been very lucky over the past month to have been able to collaborate with YOINS and their Plus Size range. Its not something i have done before but i have enjoyed it immensely and look forward to doing similar collaborations in the future!

Before i go though, and you pop over to YOINS.com for a browse I have a discount code for you! BEST15 will give you 15% off and BEST20 will give you 20% off on orders over $65!

Smile at yourself in the mirror at least once today, your gorgeous exactly the way you are!

Charlotte xox


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