“You’re Skinnier Than Me, Not Prettier”


A statement that has been floating around for years and can be found on all kinds of apparel. Its awful, and I will get back to it in a moment.

Everyone by now is aware of the social movement that is ‘Body Positivity ‘ and that its designed to make fat women feel better about themselves, right?


Its a huge misconception based on the fact that the movement is widely promoted by plus size women, but its SO much bigger (no pun intended) than that. Its actually centred around the concept that we should all have a positive body image, the key point there being ALL. Body Positivity is the acceptance of ALL shapes and sizes. So the idea that a someone that is a UK size 10 cant promote body positivity is ludicrous! Another misconception is that its exclusive to women, WRONG. Men have the same insecurities about body image.

So if body positivity is about acceptance of all shapes and sizes, building each other up and not tearing each other down, how is the statement “you’re skinnier than me but not prettier’ even acceptable?  even worse is that is that it is featured apparel by quite a few body positive plus size brands. That statement is basically taring someone down to make yourself feel better which is exactly what everyone that claims to be body positive is fighting to change.

Promoting self love is all well and good, but in my opinion it is IMPOSSIBLE to love your body 24 hours a day 7 days a week and having self love, practically shoved down your throat on social media, when you really cant find a way to do it for yourself can be detrimental for your mental health.

I want to introduce you to a movement you may not have heard of, Body Neutrality and I think it may be better place to start if your struggling to love your body.

Yes i know, another ‘label’. There are so many these days its hard to keep track, there are labels for everything, even people that form romantic attachments to inanimate objects (its called objectophilia, in case you didn’t know) but sometimes they are needed just as a way to explain something and in my opinion, each to their own, as long as its legal, you do you boo!

Anyway, I’ve gone off topic. Body Neutrality is the practice of accepting your body, no hate, no pressure to love just ACCEPTANCE. Its learning to put aside the hate you have for your body and accept, regardless of your shape and size that you wouldn’t be here with out it! Your body keeps you alive, it allows you to experience the wonders of the world and its the reason you can embrace your loved ones. Honestly how can you hate that?

Don’t get me wrong, self love is so important. But I think you need to learn to accept yourself first before you can learn to love.

I am body neutral, I don’t hate my body. It is the reason I am here and able to live a life, it gave me my children and it enables me to crawl into bed at night and stick my freezing cold feet on Ash! I am body positive in that I accept everyone no matter of shape and size,and I’m happy with my own size but I’m still working on the self love part, some days are better than others.

If I have given just one person reading this, a reason to think about it further then I will be happy!

Smile at yourself in the mirror at least once a day, your gorgeous exactly the way you are!

Charlotte xox


5 thoughts on ““You’re Skinnier Than Me, Not Prettier”

  1. You hit the nail on her head hun , I’m never in a month of Sunday’s be skinny or slimmer than I am no , yes I may loose weight , then it goes back on . I love me for me , thank you


  2. I’m still working on it all. Isn’t easy. One day I find myself body confident and then the next I see myself in the mirror and think “wtf you wearing” so then i get changed.


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