‘Fat-phobic’.. MY AUNT FANNY!


As if this is even a thing.

Fat-phobia‘ or Cacomorphobia (from Greek caco meaning ugly, and morpho meaning shape) is the fear of fat people. It is commonly triggered through a traumatic experience with fat people, such as getting intimidated or bullied by them in school.

Okay, now I know we cant help what we are afraid of, believe me, they are completely irrational! that’s the definition of ‘phobia’ – an extreme or irrational fear of something and as far as I am concerned real phobias a completely justified, they aren’t something we have any control of how ever ridiculous they are (you wait to until you find out mine! *face palm*)

But that definition made me chuckle. Bullied BY a fat person at school? from my own personal experience its more likely to be the other way round! obviously I am not saying that a fat person cant be a bully, its just that my initial reaction of that definition is based solely on my personal experience of ‘High School Hell’.

But there is another equally ridiculous phobia at the other end of the spectrum!

Macilentophobia (from macilent, meaning a thin person or animal) is the fear of skinny people. People with this phobia are scared of skinny people snapping in half while they are around them, as they will have to then deal with the aftermath themselves.

Yup! because that happens …….

Look guys, I’m not trying to be bitch here, if anything I’m just venting and I honestly don’t mean to belittle anyone’s genuine phobias! We are all scared of something however irrational it is, for me its Turkeys (Meleagrisphobia – yup, I’m as surprised as you are it actually has a name) I couldn’t tell you why but I am terrified of the bloody things, those wrinkly necks and that noise they make, I break out in a sweat and my body shakes. Makes me shudder just thinking about it! So you know what I do when I am faced with a turkey that scares the living shit out of me for no good reason at all? I walk away, I avoid it and I avoid situations that would put in the vicinity of a Turkey.

That’s what we do when we are truly afraid of something, its basic survival, a flight mechanism, we avoid things we don’t like. I don’t stalk Turkeys online and make public comments comparing their necks to old flaccid penises, and that they all deserve to die (just FYI I have no issue eating them) because that is not fear, that is abuse!

Your typical responses to fear is experiencing the desire to flee and hide, rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, shivering, trembling, depression, and agoraphobia (I tick the majority of the boxes for that one, just don’t have a diagnosis .)

Now did I miss something there? because I’m pretty sure ‘online abuse’, ‘trolling’ and ‘harassment’ weren’t mentioned in the list of fear responses? curious and curiouser! (Alice in Wonderland reference in case you weren’t sure).

So I’m sorry to tell you, I really am (not) that what you have isn’t a phobia, its more likely you have a personality disorder, or your just an arsehole. Either way, professional help may be the way to go! So…. Good Luck with that!

At the end of that day guys, what ever your afraid of, Body shaming of any kind, is wrong (even if its a Turkey). It’s that simple.

So lets all call a spade a spade and stop labelling abuse as a phobia.

Smile at yourself in the mirror at least once a day, your gorgeous exactly the way you are!

Charlotte xox


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