My 2019 Journey

Well what a year 2019 was.

I started my History degree at the beginning of the year, pretty much on a whim! It was something I had wanted to do for a good few years and thought now is a good a time as any with me being at home all day with the kids. Once i started it took a while to get used to studying again and fitting it in around everything was a challenge but i really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to starting my second year in 2020.

At the end of March Ash was deployed for five and a half months. I don’t think I need to tell you that being left completely alone with no help or support network, caring for a two year old and a nine month old is hard, but I’m going to anyway – ITS HARD. He missed fathers day, my birthday, Flo’s first birthday, and as you would expect the hoover broke, the television broke twice and the whole broken washing machine saga began! I’m not even surprised anymore, it always happens, like the universe is just waiting for them to leave the country so it can give you an extra kick in the tits! But hey, I did it and we took each day as it came, kept as busy as possible and before we knew it Ash was home with us again.

It was during that deployment that I lent on Instagram as an outlet to my frustration and general loneliness but I found myself connecting with some amazing people and my account went from strength to strength. At the end of this year I hit 20,400 followers and I’m still not sure how it happened or why but I’m incredibly grateful and it has also given me the opportunity to collaborate with some great brands such as Cute Curves Official, YOINS and Ewbank. I’m really excited to see where my Instagram journey takes me next year!

I also started my lifestyle blog, (which is where you are right now) that in the few short months it has been live attracts roughly five hundred visitors a month which is incredible. It is definitely something I am going to continue with this year and I’m going to be putting some time aside every week to write a new post! so make sure you have signed up so you will get a little email when I post something new! At the moment there are few topics kicking around in this old brain, from body confidence tips to surviving deployments.

At the end of November I was fortunate to attend SMSpouses LIVE. A social media and networking even for military spouses. It was an incredible day, I met some amazing women and learned so much. I didn’t quite realise how much more there is to social media than just posting a picture and hoping people like it, it really opened my eyes. Also ending the day, on stage with Richard Jones, winner of Britain’s got Talent in 2016 was definitely and extra perk!.

Even though I have had a good year and a fantastic start to my social media/blogging journey, it wasn’t without its darker side! At the beginning of October a popular military banter page on Facebook got hold of me (figuratively speaking) and there were over a hundred vile comments about me from my cooking to my size from people that didn’t even know me as a person. I am not going to pretend it didn’t get to me, because it did! but after a few days it dawned on me that comments and remarks from strangers on the internet don’t actually hold any baring on my real life. I still have my family I still clean my house, cook, walk Lucas to and from pre-school, absolutely nothing changed so why was I giving them so much power over my feelings? It was a lesson well learned, and I’m not saying that being trolled in the future isn’t going to hurt me but I am better prepared for it now.

If I had known in January 2019 that I would be sat here writing this now, i would of taken notes throughout the year! Lesson learned, 2020 Review is certainly going to be more detailed.

So, 2020, what do I want from ya??

I’m not one for the ‘New Year New Me’ bollocks because it really is bollocks, a new year doesn’t automatically change you as a person plus there is nothing wrong with the way you are now and resolutions are ridiculous, no one ever sticks to them anyway.

So all I was for 2020 is for my family to have a happy and healthy year and Ash not to be away too much. Anything else would just be a bonus!

Smile at yourself in the mirror at least once a day, your gorgeous exactly the way you are!

Charlotte xox



3 thoughts on “My 2019 Journey

  1. It’s been an up and down year but I’ve loved following you over on insta and reading your blog too!
    Thank you again for sharing Middle B’s autism (read my band) tote bag.

    Here’s to an awesome 2020


  2. What an inspirational woman you are. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this keep being the fabulous you because you are amazing just the way you are. Happy 2020 xx


  3. I think you are amazing and love watching your stories I feel very self conscious about my weight and hide my baby apron as I call it lol all the time and dont even want to shop as I see some of the stuff really off putting just cos I’m a bit curvy than the others why so granny !!! Then I saw your outfits which are ace but dont know if I’ll suit but ill have a go . 😊 keep doing what your doing !! X


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