OWN YOUR SASS! – Body Confidence Tips for 2020 Part 1


It’s a subject that comes up a lot on my Instagram, ‘How did you get so confident?’ ‘I wish I had your confidence!’. So I figured it was time I shared some tips to help you learn to accept yourself.

It’s the first step and I think a lot of people forget about that bit, you cant go from self loathing to loving yourself over night, there’s a bit in the middle, the bit where you stop the hate and you appreciate your body for what it does for you, only then can you learn to love it!

Before I start its important that you know that you aren’t alone! That roughly 90% of women in the UK don’t like their bodies, that’s A LOT. Lets make 2020 the year of change!

So here is five tips to get you started!

Tip 1 : STAND UP!

No, I don’t mean now, sit down! What I mean is when you stand, stand tall. Chin up! Chest out, shoulders back! Stand with pride! Try it, see how you feel! Rolling your shoulders forward, folding yourself in only increases the feeling of anxiety and insecurity, slumping will make you feel worse!

Tip 2 : SMILE!

Honestly I cant stress this one enough, just smile! Its no secret that smiling releases the hormones ‘Dopamine’ that increases our feeling of happiness and ‘Serotonin’ that reduces stress. So try to make more effort to smile, especially when you pass a reflective surface! I used to be the worst for this when out shopping, passing a mirror, looking at myself and instantly hating my reflection and wanting to go home. Don’t do it! Don’t stand their long enough to over analyse. Look at yourself briefly, smile and walk away. Eventually you just get into the habit of smiling at yourself!


No this isn’t from a weight loss perspective! sod that and pass the Cadbury’s! again this is about a biological reaction. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings in our body. You don’t need to rush out and join a gym it can be as simple as walking your dog everyday. Any kind of physical activity and if its out in the fresh air, that is even better! This can also help regulate your sleeping pattern if you struggle to fall asleep at night.


All jokes aside lets not forget the power of talking to yourself! because come on, at the end of the day no one understands you better than you. In the mornings before you leave the house, stand in front of that mirror, smile and tell yourself that you are a strong, confident women and point out a body feature you like! own it guys! own it! ‘ I am a strong, confident women with a cracking rack ;)’


I think this is one of the most important ones, self care reduces the negative effects of stress. Its so easy when your hating on your self to just curl up and essentially fester. No more! you need to set aside a few hours at the weekend or an hour in the evenings for a little self care! a nice relaxing bubble bath? a face mask? or even just to make sure you remove your make up properly on a nightly basis and apply a nice moisturiser.

But that is just the physical self care, did you know there are four other types of self care? my next blog post will be going into self care in more depth and discovering each type and how they can help you feel so much better about your fabulous self!

So I have given you five very basic tips to start you on your journey to body acceptance! (remember you have to learn to accept your body before you can learn to love it). Five simple things you can start implementing into your daily life! I’m going to  give you a few months to get used to smiling at your self everyday, telling yourself how awesome you are and finding a little bit of time for you before I come back with five more tips that are going to help you on your journey!.

Smile at your self in the mirror at least once a day, your gorgeous exactly the way you are!

Charlotte xox


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