Bath Bombs to Brain Teasers!

The Five Types of Self Care!


When we think of self care, our mind instantly goes to bubble baths, bath bombs and face masks! Don’t get me wrong that is indeed part of it but there is so much more! Did you know there are five types of self care? It honestly wasn’t something I was aware of until I was researching some facts for my last blog post!

It made me wonder how many people were actually aware of it and thought it was something I should delve into a little deeper!

Physical self care

So starting with the kind we are all familiar, the physical side of self care. This is where your bubbles and bath bombs come in!

Finding time for yours self during the week, maybe half an hour in the evenings to have a bath, let your muscles relax and unwind or it could be as simple as making sure you take your makeup of everyday and follow with your favourite moisturiser.

But again there is more to it that just the beautification aspect, there is also the health aspect, keeping a balanced diet, regular exercise, even just walking your dog everyday and making sure that your getting enough sleep! I don’t know about you but I cant function without sleep!

Some of these may seem frivolous, but they all have their part to play in taking care of our physical well being and keeping our anxiety and stress levels low.

Psychological self care

This is one of those areas that no one really seems to think about, but its one of the most important.your mental health is just as, if not more important than your physical health.

Try not to take on to many jobs, your are only one person and it is impossible to do everything even though sometimes you feel you need to be able to do everything that is thrown at you. It is so important to remember that it is okay to say no! I know how difficult that can be, but the first time I managed to actually say no it felt freeing!

There is also the fun side to psychological self care in the form or puzzles, crosswords, brain teasers and activity journals! Anything that you find fun that gets the old cogs turning!

Spiritual self care

Now some of you may roll your eyes at this but there is more too it than you think!

Spiritual self care means something different to everyone, its not about what religion you follow or what you believe in, but it can be if that is whats important to you. Its not something I talk about as believe it or not there are aspects of my life I keep quite private! But personally after attending church on a Sunday I feel lighter, and feel ready for the start of the week.

Spiritual self care is about getting in touch with your inner self, who you are as a person and clearing your mind of stress and negative thoughts and feelings. You could try mediation, yoga, getting in touch with nature, volunteering within your local community. You could also try smudging to clear negative energies out of your home if that is an area that interests you. Also keeping a journal (and actually writing in it) is another fantastic way to get things off of your chest and work through thoughts and feelings. Anything that involves putting out good and positive energies and helps to clear you mind.

Professional self care

This is another one that no one really thinks about. Having a work/home life balance is so important but its also more than that. Its about engaging with your co workers and personalising your work space by creating a space that is efficient and in turn reduces stress. Make sure you are taking regular breaks away from your workload so that you can breath and clear you head to prevent everything getting on top of you. Also at the end of the day it is important to leave work at work, avoid bringing it home with you at all costs because you need the distance.

Emotional self care

The practice of acknowledging that your feelings are 100% justified. Your feelings are valid. Its identifying how your feeling and moving forward with it allowing your self to process it in your own time.

Emotional self care also includes the people you surround your self with and let into your life. Unfortunately negative people create a negative environment and sometimes it is better to distance your self from the people that have a negative affect on your emotional well being and mental health. It is also important to forgive yourself, it doesn’t matter what for, just make sure you try to treat yourself with the same kindness you would treat your closest friend.

Hopefully I’ve given you an insight into the world of self care and given you some things to think about. Lets start this year off treating ourselves better than we did in 2019.

Smile at yourself in the mirror at least once a day, your gorgeous exactly the way you are!

Charlotte xox


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