Hello September!

So everyone seems to be getting back to some sense of normality. People heading back to work, children heading back to school!

My son went back to school on Thursday and think it is fair to say that after two mornings of school runs that I am 100% ready for a relaxing, braless weekend! (I wish!)

I also wish I could tell you what to expect from me this month, but I cant. What I need to do is sit down and look at everything, write a plan of action and get my arse into gear! I started off this year strong but it all went to pot when they suspected I had COVID in March and then you guys know the rest, wasn’t Lockdown fun!?

What I can tell you is what I am doing right this second………..

‘Hamilton Obsessed’

Yeah, I pick the most random times to write things down. This is why I need to get a grip and get some kind of organisation in place!

It’s also a good job that’s a photo and not a video as there would have been some very questionable singing! Have you seen ‘Hamilton’? Not going to lie, I’m OBSESSED!!! The soundtrack is on pretty much constantly much the the annoyance of my husband.

Right I must get on! I have a Shein haul to film! So keep an eye out for that. It’s an Autumn Haul, so I got three knitted jumpers, a check shirt, a hoodie/skirt dress combo AND a new lounge set (obviously, it wouldn’t be on of my hauls without one! Ha!)

So that’s me signing off for today, don’t forget to follow my socials for all things me!

Smile at yourself in the mirror at least once a day, your gorgeous exactly the way you are!

Charlotte xox

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